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17, 18 e 19 de Setembro 2015 – Centro de Congressos do Estoril

Day 1

Opening ceremony – welcome to the future of Dentistery
• SENAME Introduction video
• SENAME President Speech – Prof. Gilberto Sammartino
• SENAME’15 Organization Committee Speech – Doctor Miguel Stanley
• Operation Smile – Doctor Maria Sammartino

Gilberto Sammartino – Implantology Nowadays: Myths, certainties and doubts.

Marco Esposito – Short implants or longer implants in vertically augmented bone for atrophic mandible?

Fernando Rojas Vizcaya – The 3A-2B biological rule as a tool for implant planning, placement and restoration in simple or
complex cares.

Alejandro Vivas Rojo – The main treatment options for severely edentulous atrophic posterior maxilar and mandible.

Jack Krauser – A simple extraction: What interesting decisions to follow?

Joseph Chouckroun – PRF Technique “Platelet Rich Fibrin”.

Day 2

Faten Ben Amor/Khalfi Mohamed Salah/Hajer Hentati Aloulou – Anatomical environment of mandibular impacted Wisdomtooth, how to evaluate the risk. Tunisian approach.

Ahmed M. Osman – Effect of connection design on the long term implant prognosis.

Joseph Choukroun – PRF Technique “Platelet Rich Fibrin”

Giuseppe Luongo – The Digital Dentistery Revolution: how the new technologies are changing our daily practice.

Sam Lee – Innovate Bone Augmentation Techniques in Implant surgery.

Christian Coachman – The virtual Lab. The Future Now!

Livio Yoshinaga – DSD: DigitalSmileDesign.

José Carlos Rosa – IDR – Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration.

Achraf Souayah, Davide Farronato, Souheil Bechara – Implantology

Henry Salama – New Paradigms in Anterior Implant Therapy.

Day 3

Fatmé A. Mouchret Hamasni – How to design the crown lengthening procedure for better esthetic result.

Jaafar Mouhyi – 3D Planification and guided implant surgery; state of the ART.

Marius Steigmann – Prevention and treatment of soft tissue complications in the aesthetic zone – A clinical comparison.

Pascal Marquardt – The challenge: Advanced digital vs approved techniques for a predictable implant placement in the asthe-
tic zone – A clinical comparison.

Thomas Rietrae – Motivational Speech.

Tom Hahn – Motivational Speech.
Konstantinos Valavanis – Implant therapy strategie for the aesthetic zone.

Roberto Rossi – Regeneration in the new millennium, biology meets function and esthetics.

Salah Huwais – Osseo densifiation, A Novel Biomechanical Approach to Implant Site Preparation

Isaac Tawil – Treatment of soft and or narrow bone, using a new paradigm shift Osseodensification.

Miguel Stanley – No Half Smiles.

Kwang Bum Park – Implantology.

Closing – Evening from 19h00.

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