Please download the following document, fill it in and send it (with the product) to the following address:

EXAKTUS, Oral Rehabilitation Material, Lda,

Rua de Laborim 68, 4430-128

Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal.


For more information, please consult the Terms and Conditions for INSTALLATION AND/OR TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE or contact EXAKTUS REPAIRS, via email or .

The prices for this service are defined in the document EXAKTUS REPAIRS Price List .


EXAKTUS and the customer agree that the services to be provided to the customer are regulated by these Terms and Conditions for Installation and/or Technical Assistance and, in everything that is not expressly provided for, by commercial usage and applicable legislation.

  1. Scope

1.1 These general conditions govern the contractual relationship for the provision of installation and/or technical assistance services, hereinafter EXAKTUS REPAIRS , established between EXAKTUS – Material de Reabilitação Oral, Lda., hereinafter EXAKTUS, and the customers to whom it provides services of repair;

1.2 The repairs included in the guarantee of equipment sold by EXAKTUS are not included in the scope of these Terms and Conditions;

1.3 The EXAKTUS facilities for installation and/or technical assistance are the Company's headquarters, located at Rua de Laborim, n.º 68, 4430-128 Vila Nova de Gaia. However, these activities can also take place on the customer's premises.

1.4 EXAKTUS will carry out the installation services and/or technical assistance requested by the customer, in accordance with the manufacturers' recommendations , considering that during the intervention additional aspects may be identified which, depending on their complexity, may determine changes in the scope of the services. question, as well as prices and estimated execution times. Modifications will be previously communicated to the customer and depend on their prior approval;

1.5 EXAKTUS will not be responsible for any loss of the manufacturer's warranty on equipment or software resulting from technical interventions requested by the Customer, including in particular with regard to opening equipment, installing components, (re)installing software or changing configurations and parameterizations;

1.6 These services are only performed in the national territory (Continental and Insular Portugal)

  1. Object

2.1 EXAKTUS REPAIRS' services include all the tasks and operations necessary for the installation and/or technical assistance of the customers' equipment, carried out by the After-Sales Support Technician.

2.2 The provision of services will be carried out during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:30 pm, with a lunch period between 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm;

2.3 The provision of services outside the normal working hours or urgent requests from customers, has an additional cost according to the price list in force.

2.4 The service provision contract is considered concluded when the customer authorizes (via email, telephone or CRM) EXAKTUS to start the repair work and to use the materials necessary for its completion;

2.5 When the authorization referred to in the previous point is not granted, the customer may still be subject to the payment of costs related to the diagnosis of the equipment;

2.6 Changes to the configurations of equipment repaired by EXAKTUS in order to meet specific customer needs will be billed additionally.

2.7 In the case of software (re)installation services, the Customer declares that:

2.7.1 Holds the respective original end user license, exclusive beneficiary of the (re)installation and that this does not violate any third party rights;

2.7.2 Understands and accepts that the (re)installation of software can remove and/or change files and data, which may lead to changes in information and/or functionality of the equipment or other installed software, assuming the risk arising from this intervention;

2.7.3 Knows and has previously ensured the minimum requirements recommended by the hardware and/or software manufacturer, including, in particular, disk space for (re)installation of files and data, technical characteristics of the equipment (memory, CPU, graphics card, etc.) ) and necessary components.

  1. Diagnosis

3.1 Diagnostic services are charged according to the current price list;

3.2 The costs inherent to travel to comply with paragraph a) will be charged in accordance with the price list in force, being calculated based on the address of EXAKTUS versus the address of the customer's premises where the repair takes place;

3.3 Only faults identified and communicated by the Customer when diagnosing the equipment will be repaired, and provided that this is technically possible.

3.4 If EXAKTUS detects other faults, it will only promote its repair after approval by the Customer, and provided that it is technically possible.

3.5 The diagnostic process is only concluded with the completion of document I.87 Request for Installation and/or Technical Assistance (available at ) completed by the technician, in case of travel by the EXAKTUS technician;

3.6 If equipment is sent to EXAKTUS headquarters, it must arrive at our facilities:

3.6.1 Accompanied by document I.87 Request for Installation and/or Technical Assistance (available at ) duly completed.

3.6.2 Duly packaged, with protective material (bubble plastic, foam, anti-static or other suitable material);

3.6.3 In packaging (waterproof, if applicable) that allows safe circulation during transport;

3.6.4 EXAKTUS is not responsible for poor packing, packaging or damages occurred during the transport of the equipment to our facilities;

3.6.5 EXAKTUS recommends taking out transport insurance.

3.7 In cases where the repair is not possible, the customer is informed, via email or telephone, and it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that it is collected at our facilities or for transport costs to its facilities, according to the shipping policy available at www.exaktus .pt.

  1. EXAKTUS Responsibility

EXAKTUS undertakes to:

4.1 To install new parts, from qualified suppliers, in the equipment repaired by you.

4.2 Protect the physical integrity of the equipment and respective accessories delivered by the Customer for technical intervention, during the period of permanence of the same in its facilities.

4.3 For damages during the execution of the works, or on the occasion of them, to clients or third parties;

4.4 Have insurance to cover risks:

4.4.1 Occupational accident or occupational disease insurance;

4.4.2 Civil liability car insurance;

4.4.3 Activity civil liability insurance

4.5 EXAKTUS is not responsible for:

4.5.1 Loss of warranty for the customer's equipment with third parties after their intervention;

4.5.2 Loss of information resulting from repair processes;

4.5.3 For any damages that the customer may suffer directly or indirectly, whether in the event of a recurring fault, extension of the repair period, etc.

4.5.4 Loss of equipment during the shipping process to our facilities.

4.6 EXAKTUS reserves the right to cut technical assistance to customers who do not comply with this regulation.

  1. Customer Duties

The customer undertakes to:

5.1 Make a backup copy(s) of the information contained in your equipment, prior to its delivery for repair by EXAKTUS.

5.2 Give EXAKTUS personnel free access to the facilities where the equipment to be repaired is located;

5.3 Make available the necessary means to carry out the installation and/or technical assistance in a safe way and without interference.

5.4 The customer must carry out any necessary work (at his own expense) to ensure the technical conditions required by the equipment for his work.

5.5 The Customer must ensure that the equipment is not covered by any manufacturer's or other warranty.

  1. EXAKTUS REPAIRS Repair Deadline

The normal period for repairing equipment:

6.1 Shipped to EXAKTUS: 2 weeks ;

6.1.1 In case parts from the manufacturer are required, which are not in stock, or if the equipment is sent to the factory, the deadline will only be confirmed after information given by the manufacturer

6.2 On customer premises: 1 month;

6.3 The deadline for repairing equipment is given at the time of its diagnosis.

6.4 EXAKTUS is not responsible for delays caused by suppliers, carriers or others to which it is unrelated.

  1. Customer equipment storage/shipping deadlines

7.1 After repair, the customer will be informed via email or telephone call, of completion of repair of the equipment;

7.2 Payment for the repair is made when the equipment is picked up, prior to shipment by the carrier or being charged by the carrier;

7.3 Repairs carried out on the customer's premises are settled upon completion of the work;

7.4 In the period of up to six months after the notification referred to in paragraph a), EXAKTUS invoices the permanence of the equipment in its facilities according to the price table attached monthly;

7.5 Without prejudice to the stipulated in the previous point, after six months EXAKTUS becomes the full owner of the equipment and may, from that date, render the equipment unusable and/or proceed with its destruction;

  1. EXAKTUS guarantee

The EXAKTUS Warranty includes:

8.1 Repair of the same fault previously repaired by EXAKTUS;

8.2 Replacement of faulty components that have been installed by EXAKTUS, for a period of:

8.2.1 6 months for parts ;

8.2.2 30 Days for Labor .

The Warranty is not enforceable if:

8.3 Parts or repairs not carried out by EXAKTUS;

8.4 The equipment has fallen to the ground;

8.5 The equipment has been intervened, after the repair by EXAKTUS, by technicians without the necessary qualification;

8.6 The equipment has been exposed to liquids;

8.7 The intervention carried out by EXAKTUS was carried out by indication and direct responsibility of the Client.

  1. GDPR

9.1 The data collected in connection with the provision of this service is mandatory, under penalty of not proceeding with the repair of the equipment, and will be processed automatically;

9.2 Under the terms of the regulations applicable to the processing of personal data, Customers are guaranteed the right to access data that directly concern them, and may request its correction or addition;

9.3 The Client may request the deletion of his data, for marketing or telemarketing purposes, and for this purpose he must contact EXAKTUS. Aware of its environmental responsibilities, EXAKTUS, in all stages of the provision of EXAKTUS REPAIRS services, will promote the least possible environmental impact, with the resulting waste being treated in accordance with good practices in the sector.

Aware of its environmental responsibilities, EXAKTUS, in all stages of the provision of EXAKTUS REPAIRS services, will promote the least possible environmental impact, with the resulting waste being treated in accordance with good practices in the sector.