With 100% Portuguese capital, EXAKTUS started its activity in 2008, with the main objective of selling prosthetic components compatible with most brands of dental implants. The quality of the products and the compatibility of the solutions, together with the low cost, allowed EXAKTUS to have a consolidated growth in the Iberian market.

In September 2009, EXAKTUS establishes a strategic partnership with the current suppliers and manufacturers of the medical devices it markets, becoming one of the largest companies in the dental medicine sector.

It is in 2011 that the initial step towards the certification of the company begins, a point of consolidation and recognition of it as an effective organization and oriented towards the needs and satisfaction of its customers, believing that only the competitive ones will have their place in the market.

EXAKTUS is certified as a wholesale distributor and manufacturer and, since 2017, has had its quality management system certified by ISO 9001, as a distributor of medical devices.


EXAKTUS' Mission is to make consumers' access to oral health care more accessible, seeking to offer a range of products whose main characteristic is to be compatible with other market solutions, combining efficiency, rigor and growing quality, aptitude, performance and safety of these same products.


It is our Vision to expand to other markets, grow sustainably and seek new technological solutions for dental products that can better serve the needs of our customers so that they can see EXAKTUS as a serious, organized, solid, mature and reliable company .


EXAKTUS values ​​are: responsibility, professionalism, ethics, rigor, effectiveness, solidarity and respect.

As the founder and CEO of Exaktus, I would like to share this message with you.

Respond to the challenges of the present, with an eye on the future and always with people on our side. Our path will never be traveled alone!

Exaktus already has more than 12 years of dedication, but we feel with the same entrepreneurial soul that lit us up on the first day, now multiplying our responsibility towards an ever-increasing number of customers.

Oscar Neves

Exact CEO




  • Production

    high quality manufacture

    The manufacturing quality of our components is ensured by state-of-the-art CNC lathes, which enable optimal micro-manufacturing of parts, through controlled, fast and repetitive processes.

  • Quality

    We inspect 100% of the batches

    The manufacture of our parts has a high level of control and inspection during the execution of all production processes. The quality of each piece is ensured before, during and after its production process.

  • Clean room

    controlled environment

    We have 3 environments with counting of micro particles suspended in the air, called Clean Room or Controlled Environment.

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A complete company, where you can find all the answers to your needs. With over 12 years of history, we seek to respond to all challenges, offering innovative and quality products, monitoring and know-how.

Our focus is the customer.

Exaktus: compatible with you!