Please download the following document, fill it in and send it (with the product) to the following address:

EXAKTUS, Oral Rehabilitation Material, Lda,

Rua de Laborim 68, 4430-128

Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal.


For more information, please consult the Terms and Conditions for Exchanges/Returns or contact EXAKTUS, through the e-mail


EXAKTUS offers its customers the possibility to exchange/return products purchased from EXAKTUS, in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

1 – The customer may exchange/return the product, together with a copy of the invoice and the completed “Exchange/Return Request” form within a maximum period of 14 consecutive days (for returns) and up to 30 consecutive days (for exchanges) from from the invoice date, to the following address: EXAKTUS, Material de Reabilitação Oral, Lda, Rua de Laborim 68, 4430-128 Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal.

2 – Any transport costs arising from the exchange/return will be paid by the customer, except when associated with possible shipping errors by EXAKTUS.

3 – In order for the product to be exchanged/returned, the customer must ensure that (a) the product is in its original and intact packaging, (b) with a legible and undamaged label (for easy traceability), (c) ) within the expiry date (with the exception of dental implants that have been sold with less than one year of expiry date) and in conditions to be put back on the market with the initial quality level. (d) The product must be complete, without damage or alteration and (e) without signs of use; and (f) the instruction manual, when applicable, must be available. (g) If it is not possible to guarantee that the product has been stored according to its specifications, this product cannot be exchanged/returned. (h) In the case of products purchased as a kit, individual components cannot be exchanged/returned.

4 – Exchanges or returns are not accepted, except for manufacturing defects, for biomaterials and for the following brands: AIDITE, ANAXDENT, ASIGA, CURASAN, DETAX, DOCKLOCS, EXOCAD, FLÄSH, G&Z, GENEFILL, HILOTHERM, HORICO, JIG GEL, KERATOR, MEDIT, NSK, RHEIN83, ROLAND, UBGEN, VERSAH and W&H.

5 – In the absence of any of the elements referred to in the previous points, there will be no exchange/return, the product being sent back to the customer, with the transport costs charged to the customer.

6 – In the case of products purchased in campaigns and/or fairs, the exchange and/or return is subject to prior evaluation by EXAKTUS.

7 – Any exchange or return after approval will give rise to a credit document relating to the returned material.

8 – The credits are due on the date of the respective issue, therefore, in payments by direct debit, the credit will be deducted from the first maturity that occurs.

9 – EXAKTUS may, at any time, change or terminate part or all of these conditions. The amendment or termination of these conditions will not affect the exchange/return rights guaranteed under these conditions for products purchased on a date prior to the amendment or termination.